Our environment is based on accountability and responsibility

We trust everyone to do what is right,
meaningful and good for the company.

The way we act

Efficiency is at the core of everything we do. We operate with
minimum rules and apply common sense instead.


Get things done

We have defined roles and empower everyone to find the best way to get things done. We hold ourselves accountable and each of us takes ownership of the outcomes.


Find your way

We all have the same access to the same people and information. We embrace collaboration over competition and support over blame.


Move fast

We believe the best way to learn is to do. That’s why we encourage everyone to be bold, try more new things and learn from mistakes.


Be dependable

Reliability makes work go faster, smoother and smarter. We don’t let others down and don’t make them wait for our part of the job.


Everyone contributes

We don’t worry who has more power, because our whole team is powerful. Everyone is expected to express his opinion, challenge others or be challenged.


Put impact before title

What matters for us is the impact we can bring with our knowledge and skills and how we treat each other. We can pick our job titles if they serve to communicate outside, but they don’t mean anything internally.


Nothing is not my job

We all contribute outside our formal role. Sometimes we might end up doing work that is more pressing for the company but less personally fulfilling.


Don’t wait for permission

When we believe something can be improved, we just go for it. It’s everyone’s mission to make our company better. We better try and fail than not try at all.


Our environment

Is perfect for those who

  • Work autonomously and make things happen.
  • Be humble enough to say “I don’t know.”
  • Embrace uncertainty and see it as a playground for learning.
  • Be able to build a structure when there is none or live without it.
  • Contribute to creating a good environment.

Is not that good for those who

  • Are high performers, but not team players.
  • Talk more than listen.
  • Act too corporate and don’t feel comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Like to micromanage or need to be micromanaged.
  • Obsessed with what is and isn’t their job.

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Behind the scene

Find more about us and the things we do. This is a true window to our life, team spirit and our office.

#hiking is one of our favorite Slack channels! We regularly plan outdoor activities here for everyone to join. It’s a great way to connect but also to explore wonderful places in the alps.

This picture was taken at our wine tasting during the annual Caves ouvertes vaudoises after a hike.


Our product development teams hold monthly retrospective meetings with the goal of improving how they work.

While the discussions can be serious, we know how to turn such meetings into a ritual with wine tastings or a brunch with homemade delicacies.


This easter, not just easter bunnies got the kids of our colleagues excited but also our Easter Kids Goûter where a magic show, balloon sculptures and gift surprises awaited them.

We try to do such events regularly as they foster stronger connections. Our kids know where their parents spend the day after leaving them at school or kindergarten. They also meet the people who used to greet them behind the Hangout screens.

And who knows - they might have visited their future workspace :)


Let's get to know each other

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